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Underground Ventilation System


ECE Cogemacoustic Ventilation Systems

From design through to manufacture, COGEMACOUSTIC offers turnkey solutions for ventilating underground works. The wide range of reliable, high performance products include: fans, wet and dry dust scrubbers, flameproof systems, axial smoke-removing fans, and the patented VCI (Sound-profeed Compact Fan).

Product lines:

Construction and Public Works

  • From the small 4kW T2 fan to high power machines (up to 1100kW), Cogemacoustic designs and supplies the complete range of ventilation and dust-removal systems to suit worksite environments. 
  • All ventilation studies are carried out in strict compliance with current regulations and environmental legislation. Working conditions are improved and customers can be rest assured to meet completion times. 

Permanent Ventilation Systems

  • Both Cogemacoustic's steel and stainless steel fans are approved fire-resistant for up to 2 hours at 400 degrees celcius by the CTICM.
  • Smoke-removal systems for tunnels and subways, installed in association with ventilation, are some examples of the fields in which Cogemacoustic have developed a high degree of expertise, from initial design work to bringing into service.


  • With 40 years of experience, Cogemacoustic now possesses international references to testify about the reliability of its technology
  • Primary or secondary ventilation: engineers and technicians work together to find solutions to the problems of recycling air and dust-removal.
  • Each fan is subjected to strict controls and adjustments on test benches in accordance with ISO standards. Equipment reliability and safety are of utmost concern for Cogemacoustic. 


  • The VCI (sound-proofed Compact Fan), offers a combination of unique technical and ergonomic advantages
    • Exceptional Aeraulic efficiency 
    • Small overall size
    • Very low noise levels in operation
    • Robust
    • Simple to maintain
    • Low power consumption
    • Compliance with flameproof standards
  • This outstanding product is the result of the research carried out and the technological advances of engineers in mining applications. 
  • Ideal for ventilating mines, gassy or not, and long duration worksites

Common Applications:

  • Mining ventilation
  • Road tunnels ventilation
  • Subways
  • Hydro-power stations
  • Underground storage
  • Railway tunnels
  • Immersed tunnels
  • Tunnel refurbishment