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REL C650 Rotary and Down the Hole Drills

REL C650 Drill series is a crawler-mounted, self contained hydraulic Rotary cum DTH blast hole drill. It can drill both soft and hard rock with a hole diameter range of 5" - 9" and a maximum depth of 53m. Revathi Drills are used extensively in mines of Coal, Iron Ore, Zinc, Phosphate, Alumnia, Lignite, Limestone, etc. REL offers customized options to meet all application requirements. Invest in the right drilling rig for your needs and count on it to perform for years to come. 



Technical Specifications:

Hole Size5" - 61/4"6 1/4" - 6 3/4"6 3/4" - 7 7/8"7 7/8" - 9"
Engine295HP (220kw)385 HP (287kw)415HP (310kw)530HP (395kw)
Engine TypeNT855 CumminsNTA855C CumminsNTA855C CumminsKTA1150C Cummins
Compressor600cfm -100psi750cfm - 100psi900cfm - 100psi1050cfm -100psi
Rotation Speed0 - 150 rpm (torque 40,000lbs)0 - 150 rpm (torque 40,000 lbs)0-150 rpm (torque 48,000 lbs)0 - 150 rpm (torque 70,000 lbs)
Pipe Length25'30'30'30'
Pipe Diameter3.5" - 4.5"4.5" - 5"5" - 6"6" -7"
Drill Pipe Handling (Include Hydraulic Breakout & Stem Wrench)Multipass, StandardMultipass, StandardMultipass, StandardMultipass, Standard
Pull Down35,000 lbs35,000 lbs40,000 lbs50,000 lbs
UndercarriageTengl (D4/T23)Tengl (D4/T23)Tengl (D4/T23)Tengl (D4/T23)
Driving Motor (Direct Drive)Trasmital / LohmannTrasmital / LohmannTrasmital / LohmannTrasmital / Lohmann
Operator CabsExport StandardExport StandardExport StandardExport Standard
Air ConditionStandardStandardStandardStandard
Dust Control SystemStandard - NVEStandard - NVEStandard - NVEStandard - NVE
Night Lighting (6x24V Halogen Lamps)StandardStandardStandardStandard
Leveling JacksThree Hydraulic JacksThree Hydraulic JacksThree Hydraulic JacksThree Hydraulic Jacks
Central Lubrication SystemStandard (Lincoln)Standard (Lincoln)Standard (Lincoln)Standard (Lincoln)
Interlock SystemTramming vs Drilling & JackTramming vs Drilling & JackTramming vs Drilling & JackTramming vs Drilling & Jack
Weight 32,00 lbs / 28 tons66,000 lbs / 30 tons70,000 lbs / 32 tons80,000 lbs / 36 tons
Length (Mast Down)36'0"42'0"42'4"47'0"
Length (Mast Up)29'0"29'0"30'0"32'0"
Height (Mast down)16'0"16'0"16'0"17'0"
Height (Mast up)36'6"42'6"41'0"44'0"

Optional Equipment:
CAT Undercarriage
Longer mast for 30' long drill pipe
Water injection system
Electronic depth counter
Angle hole drill up to 25 degree
Rotary deck bushing
Retractable dust curtain
Windows wiper
Fast filling fuel and oil
Fire detection and suppression system
Hydraulic powered winch
Fully automatic break out power system
1 set drill string (top sub, drill pipe, bit sub, rotary bit & deck bush)

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