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Rock Drilling Tools


Rock Drilling Tools - Robit Rocktools

Threaded button bits are the key components of Robit® Rock Drilling product line. New HTG Series is the result of all the experience compiled since 1985, bringing drilling to the next level. Rocktools offering covers all construction, quarrying and mining drill and blast applications from soft to hardest rock conditions.

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Product Lines:

Rocktools - Button Bits

Rocktools product line covers all construction, quarrying, and mining drill & blast applications from soft to hardest rock conditions. Tunneling is one of the most important customer segments for Robit bits, and applications like drifting, cuthole and bolthole are well covered. Also major mining and quarrying customers have approved Robit quality worldwide. 

Ground Drilling tools - Casing systems

Robit casing systems are the key components of the Ground Drilling Tools product line. Its patented locking system enables easy and reliable drilling cost effectively. Robit Casing systems have several references worldwide in all major ground drilling applications:

forepoling, anchoring, piling and underpinning, horizontal drilling, water and thermal well drilling, soil investigation/monitoring and underwater drilling. 

Green Steel

All of Robit button bits are manufactured of new 100% recyclable steel. In the environmentally friendly steel production process the CO2 emissions have been reduced to 80% and 95% of the waste is recycled including the process smoke which is filtered. The new steel grade gives even more uniform properties and improved fatigue strength which is crucial in rock drilling process.